• I think it's nice to have a place to group my various digital footprints. This is the purpose of this website.

      Active pages:

      - Access to health: This site includes general resources on access to health, as well as resources specific to access to medicines and pharmaceutical social franchises. I keep it up to date, but since it's just resources this is more on a 'as-new-resources-come-up' basis rather than following a particular regularity.

      Non-active pages:

      - Haiti blog: In 2010 I spent four months in Haiti working for a not-for-profit medicine wholesaler, this was my blog during this time. It's mainly a few snapshots of daily life, of my work, of the walls in Port-au-Prince, and of mountains.

      - Burkina blog: In 2008 I spent six months in Burkina Faso working for the World Food Programme. Again snapshots of work, daily life, and Burkina. It was my first blogging experience, I think the Haiti blog has some better content, but even then the blog was not my main priority so it's all a bit of a patchwork.

    • Last website update September 2012.